Weekend Race Footage – Uncut/Unedited POV

Rideware Labs Enabled Board at Broadway Bomb

Captured performance data from today’s race. Creating a Broadway Bomb inspired series.

Broadway Bomb Preview

A preview by Concrete Kings and NYCL crew members.

New paint

I never liked the graphic on my Bustin Maestro. Now it is a simple orange colorfield.

A Swell On The Way

The 2013 Quiksilver Pro France has been on hold for the last few days due to lack of swell. If the forecast is accurate, riders should expect to compete in 6-10ft conditions throughout… Continue reading

QuikPro France Is On

The 2013 Hurely Pro Begins Today

The 2013 Hurely Pro begins today at Lower Trestles in San Onofre, CA

Help these guys get funded

ActiveReplay out of Los Angeles, CA are doing some vary similar things as Rideware Labs in regard to capturing/visualizing data from boardsports. It is great have other players in the game. Check out… Continue reading


Good news – the 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti begins this week at famed Teahupo’o. Watch as the world’s best get pitted deep inside this thick, throaty French Polynesian reef break.

Wave research

Gathering data to produce a summer 2013 series of compostions.